Digital tools for swim coaches and athletes.

We build custom digital tools to help you train your swimmers and spend less time managing your club.
Swimbase swim appSwimbase swim app
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Built to your exact specification.


Every swim club and coach has their own metrics, sets and processes for training their athletes.

We build custom digital tools that fit your specific processes and perform the exact tasks that you need to train your swimmers.

Log, measure and chart swimmer performance.
Automate your boring and repetitive tasks.
Auto-generate individual or group lesson plans.
Showcase your swimmers online

Analysing set results with a custom mobile app.

We built a custom mobile app for swimmers to input their results across key swim sets.

Coaches can view a historical record of each of their swimmers' results, and overlay metrics in simple-to-read charts for further analysis.

Get a 100% custom solution built for your program.

Automated training pace printouts.

Printable workout and set documents with individualised goals, training paces and coach notes.

Generated and emailed in seconds from a simple to use app.

For coaches
Manage & track your swimmers
For swim clubs
Track races, manage your club
For swimmers
Analyse your performance
For swim schools
Plan and run lessons efficiently

Spend less time on your manual tasks.

We can help you automate the manual tasks that take hours of your time every week.

From race and set result data entry, to test set outcomes, training paces and set/workout distribution.

Need a website for your swim business?

Monitoring swimmer wellbeing with a simple app.

Quickly monitor swimmer loads, recovery rate, stress levels and lifestyle choices to ensure you are regularly informed about every athlete in your program.

Swimbase was started by two mates from Melbourne.

Seb’s a swim coach and Jaime runs a digital agency.

When Seb told Jaime he was running his squad swim sets off a few scraps of paper and an old excel spreadsheet, they knew some improvements could be made!

Swimbase was born.